Not so much a Set List (there's a link for that too in the menu), but a bit of info on Anyday Café's original music, as well as some of their more popular and well-loved covers.

Year Of The Cat - Al Stewart's classicly-smooth take of love at first sight is given the solo guitar and vocal treament, and quickly established itself as one of the duo's favourite performance pieces. Mary's folky, Scots tones add a deliciously rich accompaniment to Luis' solo guitar arrangement, which manages to keep the steady pace of the original, while allowing their own relaxed style to shine through. Hear it in the Music Player now.

Summertime - There isn't a singer on the planet who doesn't want to sing this Gershwin classic from Porgy And Bess. A beautiful song that has so much scope for alternate arrangements, and Mary seems to allow her voice to roll effortlessly through the various measures, bringing to mind the lazy heat of the South East US at the turn of the 20th Century.

Because Of The Rain - A wonderfully steady-beated love song, penned by Mary, with definite pop-folk roots. The lyrics tell a tale of admission of love, comparing the effect of nature on all things with that of the loved one on the protagonist.

Today - Luis wrote this upbeat, summery song over a weekend when he was thinking about how a nice 'summer song' would sound. Very simple in construction and mode, the song takes an uplifting feel over the chorus, where a more inspirational flavour comes to the fore.